How it works

Delivery ZONE

North Border: Elgin Mills/Teston Rd.

west border: Hwy 400/Black creek dr

east border: hwy 404/Dvp

south border: Eglinton Ave.

*orders outside of this area are subject to review and may be cancelled


Once you have completed and placed your order, we will contact you to setup a delivery time that works for you. Our deliveries begin at 4:30 pm. 

In order to ensure the freshest products possible, our delivery schedule is in line with our supplier schedule.

We only accept grocery delivery orders of $50 or more. Orders $80+ before tax qualify for free delivery. Orders under $80 are subject to an $5 delivery fee. Orders can be picked up during store hours.


Mezza Notte Grocery does not accept payment online. Our customers can choose from 2 payment options;


Option 1: Pay with debit/credit at your door 


Option 2: Pay with debit/credit over the phone (contactless delivery)

Health and HygEine

Customer safety is our #1 priority. That is why we take every step necessary in ensuring that your order is managed in a safe and hygienic manner. All surfaces are disinfected throughout the day, in addition to a deep clean at the end of service. We keep our staffing to a minimum and are very diligent in ensuring proper health practices are followed. You can trust that we do not take COVID-19 lightly and will do anything in our power to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible. We consider our customers as family and we take great pride in the work we put in to keep our family safe.

Alcohol Sales

Customers who purchase alcohol must be 19 years or older and may need to present a valid piece of identification upon delivery of your order. Contactless delivery is not available for orders containing alcohol.


Product brands are subject to change based on availability. Product brands that are not specifically mentioned in the detailed product description can change without notice.


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